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Preparing Your Home for Cleaning 

In order to optimize the quality of our meticulous and top-tier cleaning service, we kindly request that you prepare your home by tidying up as much as possible before our arrival. We sincerely value your intention to assist, but we ask that you refrain from conducting any cleaning tasks prior to our visit. Our estimated cleaning duration is solely based on the cleaning process itself and does not account for tidying time. 

Creating an Ideal Setting for Your Cleaning Appointment 

To ensure our cleaning technicians can work without interruption, we suggest minimizing distractions. The cleaning techs need to be able to work without distractions. Every effort is made for the cleaners to work safely, but we cannot assume liability for the safety of others while cleaning your home. This includes children and pets. 

Appointment Arrival 

While we are dedicated to providing exceptional service, we are unable to offer exact appointment times. Our technicians will arrive within the time frame of 8:00 am to 9:00 am for morning appointments and 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for afternoon appointments. Please bear in mind that this arrival window is subject to potential adjustments due to variables like scheduling changes, traffic, and service frequency options.

We deeply value punctuality and thank you for your understanding. Our technicians will strive to arrive as promptly as possible within the specified time range, delivering the exceptional service that Taskforce is known for. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our appointment policy, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Accessing Your Residence 

To enhance security, we recommend granting secure access via electronic door keypads, garage door keypads, or secured lockboxes located on your property. If you choose to leave a door unlocked or a key in a discreet spot, we will only enter with your explicit permission. For security reasons, we do not hold, retain, or possess any property keys. 

Cancellation and Entry Policy 

In valuing the time of both our team and clients, we uphold a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we kindly request you do so with at least 48 hours' notice before your scheduled cleaning. This enables us to offer the time slot to other clients. If a cancellation or rescheduling occurs within the 48-hour timeframe, a fee equivalent to 50% of the total service cost will apply. 

Please be aware that canceling on the same day, inability to grant access upon arrival, or refusal of entry to our team members will result in the full service fee being charged. This is due to the limited time available to fill the appointment slot. 

Rescheduling Protocol 

To maintain thorough and consistent cleaning, we encourage you to adhere to your regular cleaning schedule. However, if rescheduling becomes necessary, we will try our best to accommodate your request. 

Depending on your service frequency, additional time might be needed to bring your home back to its desired condition during the next visit. Therefore, a skip fee of $35.00 will be applied, which will be included in your subsequent cleaning session. 

Please note that rescheduling requests made within the cancellation window (48 hours before the appointment) will incur a cancellation fee (see cancellation policy). However, rescheduling within the same week as the original appointment (within 7 days) will not result in additional charges.

Cancellation of Recurring Services 

We understand that circumstances change, leading to potential cancellations of recurring cleaning services. With no contractual obligations, you can cancel your recurring services at any time. 

Please note that cancellation requests within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment will result in a cancellation fee, to be added to your next cleaning session. We deeply appreciate your understanding and collaboration, which assist us in delivering the best possible service. 

Payment Process 

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check or Zelle. 

Gratuity Policy 

Our dedicated cleaning technicians are committed to delivering exceptional service for your satisfaction. While gratuity is not obligatory, it is greatly appreciated by our hardworking staff. If you opt for a cash tip, please ensure it is clearly labeled as such. Alternatively, you can add a tip to a check payment or Zelle payment. 

Recycling Guidelines 

With our environmental concerns in mind, we encourage you to engage in recycling. Kindly sort and dispose of your recyclables according to your local guidelines before our arrival. 

Dish Handling 

As part of our cleaning process, we will spend a brief period loading the dishwasher to clear the sink for cleaning purposes. Please note that any dishes inside the dishwasher will be treated as unclean. If this is not the case, we kindly request that you empty the dishwasher before our scheduled visit. 

Additionally, dishes in the sink will be presumed dishwasher-safe and placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. However, if hand washing is required for a sink full of dishes, an additional fee for this supplementary service may be applicable. Prior to commencing the cleaning, we will provide a quote for any extra services that may be needed. 

Pets' Well-being 

While we welcome pets, their safety and that of our staff are paramount. We request that you confine your pets to a designated area within your home while our cleaning service is underway.

If your pets remain indoors during our service, rest assured that we will take measures to ensure their safety. However, we do not engage in outdoor activities with pets, feeding them, or addressing pet accidents. 

Protection of Valuables 

If you possess valuable or delicate items, please inform us so that we can take appropriate precautions. We kindly request that you personally handle curio cabinets, glassware, figurines, antiques, and objects of sentimental or substantial value. While our team is trained to exercise care, we cannot accept responsibility for any damages that might occur during cleaning. Your cooperation in preserving the security and well-being of your valuables is greatly appreciated. 

Climate Control 

We kindly ask that you set your home's temperature to a comfortable level before our arrival. Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can pose discomfort and potential hazards to our cleaning technicians. 

Staff Health and Safety 

The safety and well-being of our staff are paramount as we provide top-notch cleaning services. Our Hazardous and Expertise Policy outlines a list of items and areas that we do not clean due to safety concerns or lack of expertise. 

We refrain from cleaning animal waste, human blood, bodily fluids, or any hazardous substances that could jeopardize our staff ' health. Furthermore, we avoid addressing mold, asbestos, or any other harmful materials requiring specialized training or equipment. 

Inaccessibility and Heavy Items 

To ensure safety, our cleaning technicians do not handle areas unreachable without a 2-step ladder, such as high ceilings or challenging corners. Additionally, they are prohibited from moving heavy objects necessitating more than two individuals or specialized equipment. 

This list is not exhaustive and may change as we continually evaluate safety and expertise considerations. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a secure work environment for our staff while delivering exceptional cleaning services. 

Damages and Breakage

In the event of damage or breakage caused by us, we will promptly inform you and collaborate on a fair resolution for repair or replacement, within reasonable limits. If you identify any breakage or damage that we may have missed, kindly notify us within 24 hours. 

Please note that Taskforce cannot assume liability for items broken or damaged due to unstable bases, improper attachment, or insecure mounting on walls. 

Photography During Cleaning 

For your satisfaction and to meet our rigorous cleaning standards, we may capture before and after photos during initial and move-in/move-out cleaning appointments. In some cases, we might also take photos during recurrent appointments if the home deviates from its usual state. These photos are used for training, validation of our work quality, and promoting our standards. Please note that we do not photograph personal items like family pictures or jewelry. If you prefer no photos taken of your home's work areas, kindly notify our office before your cleaning appointment. 

Sharing Photos on Social Media 

At Taskforce, we take pride in showcasing our exceptional cleaning services. With your consent, we may feature before and after photos on our social media platforms or website. We assure you that personal items, such as family photos and names, will never be disclosed in these images. Only the cleaned areas and furniture that might have been moved will be showcased. 

If you wish to avoid having your home's photos shared, please inform us before your cleaning appointment. Your privacy is highly respected, and we will always adhere to your preferences. Our aim is to offer the finest cleaning experience while maintaining your trust and respect. Thank you for considering allowing us to share our cleaning accomplishments with others. 

Quality Control and Your Input 

We place significant value on your feedback and open communication to ensure high quality service . Your input is central to our quality control system, and we encourage you to regularly share your experience and feedback. We aim to promptly address any concerns or issues that matter to you. Our team takes immense pride in their work and seeks to improve if a service does not meet your expectations. 

Price Adjustments 

At Taskforce, our commitment is to offer exceptional cleaning services. While our rates may undergo changes, we will always provide prior notice of any price adjustments. Additionally, if your home's needs or conditions change, a price modification may be necessary. If you discontinue and subsequently reinstate services, a new rate may apply. 


We acknowledge that this Agreement creates a confidential relationship between you, the client, and Taskforce Cleaning. Information concerning your business affairs, customers, vendors, finances, properties, methods of operation, and other such details is considered Confidential Information. We commit to not disclosing any confidential information to any party during or after this Agreement's term. Our staff are also bound by these terms. Clients have the option to decline the use of their public reviews and private feedback as references or testimonials for Taskforce marketing purposes. 

Our Guarantee and Refund Policy 

Our commitment is to consistently deliver meticulous and high-quality cleaning services. In case of any oversights or if our service does not meet your satisfaction, we take full responsibility. We will work with you until you are fully content with the provided services. 

If you find our service unsatisfactory, kindly notify us within 24 hours of your cleaning by contacting our office by phone or email. We will promptly return to re-clean any missed areas. However, please note that we cannot offer touch-ups for items or areas damaged in the past, poorly maintained, stained, or excessively aged. 

While we do not provide refunds, we are fully dedicated to working closely with you until you are entirely satisfied with our services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your contentment and a sparkling-clean home. 

Special Requests 

For any specific or additional service requests, please direct them to our office rather than the cleaning technicians. We kindly ask you to arrange any extra services in advance and communicate your needs to us. 

Thank you for reviewing our customer guidelines. We trust they have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of our services and policies. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We value your business and strive to create an exceptional experience for you.